Kitchen Counter Top Refinishing

Refinish - don't replace! Are your kitchen counter tops looking bored? Are there burn marks in the Formica? Tile looking a little dated? You now have some inexpensive options. Refinishing a counter top involves applying a very durable acrylic texture to the counter top. That finish is followed by a clear coat of lacquer to seal in the finish. With our colorful range of "Multi-Spec" textures, we can transform kitchen or bathroom counter tops in a few hours.

We Also Refinish Laminate Counters

Laminate : Since the laminate is more like fiberglass, there are a few differences in the preparation.
.....Small cracks can be fixed the same visit. Larger cracks (4" or larger) may require an extra step to apply glass cloth and resin to the damaged area.
.....The next step is to thoroughly sand the entire area. This part of the process eliminates the need to apply a bonding agent.
.....The masking, priming and topcoat application is the same as for ceramic tile.