Care & Cleaning Of The Surface

Our state of the art refinishing technology is designed to give many years of use with a minimum of cleaning effort. The rule of thumb for cleaning any surface is to start with a simple and natural cleaner that gets the job done.

This includes Ajax, Comet, Bar Keepers Friend and Soft Scrub. These will eventually scratch off the shine from your new surface.
You may use any liquid or aerosol bathroom cleaner. For example: Mr. Clean, Dow Bathroom cleaner, Lysol, Liquid Comet or Simple Green.

The cleaner you choose should not have any abrasives or strong acid such as hydrofluoric or hydrochloric.
A mild phosphoric acid is OK, just be careful, it is still an acid and may etch porcelain.

Please note: leaving shampoo bottles, bath mats, bars of soap and other things on a bathtub surface is a bad idea (whether refinished or not).

I routinely see bathtubs where the original surface is eaten away, down to metal, from being wet for years. Being wet for long periods of time will grow bacteria, mildew and fungus, a 'mat' of aerobic and anaerobic organisms that produces enzymes and acid that will destroy a bathtub finish.

Over time this will ruin your bathtub surface (whether refinished or not). I recommend using a shower caddy or shelf.
Please do not leave objects on the refinished surface; it will be easier to take care of and will not grow bacteria and fungus.

For kitchen sinks use the cleaning methods mentioned above or use a cream metal polish or very fine automotive buffing compound.

Not wax but a fine finish buffing compound. I know it sounds strange but it really works!
At my own home I use a damp towel after I use my sinks or shower.

This requires much less time and effort, they look clean and perfect 24/7 and it doesn't cost anything.