Cabinet Refinishing

Cabinet refinishing is one of the service we offer at Cutting Edge. Many homeowners love the way their kitchen currently looks and have no desire to change it. Frequently, it is much easier to find options for cabinet refinishing, cabinet painting, or cabinet refacing. We can help your home look as new as possible with our services.

Cabinet Refinishing Flyer

Preparing the jobsite:

-We will completely protect and cover all surfaces we are not painting

-We will completely mask off the area where the cabinets are with paper and plastic

-We will mask off the garage with paper and plastic so we have a place to spray the doors and drawers

-In occupied homes we will plastic off the cabinet area so dust does not travel in the rest of the home

Surface Preparation:

-Proper preparation is critical for the paint to adhere to the surfaces

-We will clean and degrease the cabinets as needed

-We will lightly sand all surfaces that we are painting (this is needed so the primer and paint will stick)

-We will caulk, address any bigger imperfections, and do any needed repairs to the surfaces

Cabinet Refinishing in Chicago


-We will use a special oil-based bonding primer: it seals and guarantee's adhesion


-Our Company Offers Top Quality Professional Finish Cabinet Painting

-All of our Cabinet Painting will be sprayed and this will create an ultra-smooth factory like finish

-We Use a Special Cabinet Coating that going is to be durable: You cannot buy this coating in regular stores

**This is the most durable and hard coating on the market, and it's water and chemical resistant

-How many coats can you expect?

-One Coat of Primer, and Two Top Coats of the Finish Coating

Clean Up:

-We will clean up after ourselves

Final walk through:

-We will walk through the job with you so you can inspect our work and we will address any touch ups or concerns.

We can quote you right over the phone or via text so contact us for a free quote!