Bathtub Reglazing

Three factors determine the quality of REGLAZING.

  • 1) The expertise and experience of the technician
  • 2) Using a tried and perfected etching and preparation system
  • 3) The type of the reglazing products and the quality of materials used
  • Bathtub reglazing typically takes only 3-4 hours and will cure in about 24 hours. Now your tub is ready to use. Our expert technicians first repair tub chips or cracks and then prep the tub with proven industrial cleaners.
    Over the last 30 years, bathtub refinishing coating manufacturers have compiled statistics on thousands of bathtub reglazing jobs and what tub preparation system works the best. The statistics from this extensive research have proven what works and what doesn’t. New and unproven preparation methods come along from time to time, but we will not experiment with your tub. If a prep system ever comes along that statistics say is better, we will use it. After the entire bathtub surface is etched, we then apply an underwater epoxy primer. This coating will be chemically fused to the surface of the bathtub. This process has proven to be the best method to allow your new surface to adhear with less chance of break down. Next several coats of a thick high-tech, durable acrylic urethane topcoat are laid down.

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